Homeopathy: pet’s best friend?

While homeopathy’s benefits have been well-touted for human patients, its applications in the veterinary world are not heavily discussed.   According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMA), homeopathy is…

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Case the Joint

DEALING WITH THE EVERYDAY DIFFICULTIES OF JOINT PAIN—THE NATURAL WAY BY CAYLA RAMEY   Reaching for a coffee mug is a common way to start the morning. Yet the motion…

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Could homeopathy help to tackle the H1N1 virus?

A group of researchers out of Bangalore, India, have discovered that a combination of allopathic and homeopathic drugs may help to build immunity against the H1N1 virus, commonly known as…

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Is soda the new tobacco?

In recent years, soda has been identified as a major player in the global diabetes and obesity epidemics. In response to this, a variety of public health organizations have begun…

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People Running

Why should you move your workout outdoors?

The weather has finally jumped into the double digits, making now the perfect time to ditch your indoor workout for something more scenic. However, it’s not just the view you’ll…

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Not Adding Up

Could added ingredients be the source of your food intolerance? BY CAYLA RAMEY   If your grocery list was made up of the ingredients used in your favourite packaged goods,…

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Organic produce: worth the splurge?

Although many of today’s consumers are encouraged to buy organic produce where they can, these goods often come with a price tag. That being said, there are some fruits and…

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A Better Whey

Want to build muscle, lose weight, and boost health? While many individuals think of protein powder as something made exclusively for meatheads at the gym, this perception is far from…

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Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Arnica montana is one of Hollywood’s favourite health cabinet weapons—and now it’s at your fingertips! BY CORRINA MOSCA Some of Hollywood’s health and beauty tricks—like bee- sting therapy and “vampire”…

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Go with your gut

Kick poor gut health to the curb with these five superfoods By Dr. Suhani Shah, ND Superfoods are everywhere these days. In fact, it seems like any healthy food—as long…

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St John’s wort: herbal help for depression?

While everyone has periods of sadness in their lives, nearly one in nine Canadian men and women will experience major depressive disorder—or “depression”—in their lives. This very serious mental disorder…

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Peas & Thank You

Step up your supplement game with pea protein By Melissa Smith, CNP Have you heard? Protein powder is no longer reserved for body builders and avid gym-goers. It has become…

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How do calorie labels on menus affect our eating patterns?

As of January 1 of this year, new Ontario regulations require restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calorie information for food and drink items on their menu boards,…

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Can probiotics prevent colic?

According to a new study, supplementing with probiotics during pregnancy and while breastfeeding may reduce colic in newborns. The research, conducted by the University of Bari, looked at 66 pregnant…

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Change your life—and reinvigorate your mind—through Pilates BY CARA HAZELTON Photography by Chris Griffiths Nearly 100 years ago, Joseph H. Pilates developed the Pilates method of body conditioning, which has…

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Could probiotics be the key to weight loss?

By Melissa Smith, CNP Poor gut flora has been linked a range of chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, depression, autoimmune conditions, and irritable bowel diseases. Furthermore, poor gut flora can…

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Could immunotherapy cure brain cancer?

A promising combination of immunotherapies delivers a one-two punch to brain cancer tumours with high cure rates in mice, scientific evidence published in Nature Communications says. Researchers at the Children’s…

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Nestlé baby biscuits found to contain excess acrylamide

A French study found that Nestlé’s P’tit Biscuits contain levels of acrylamide—a chemical contaminant known to increase the risk of cancer—that are over the European benchmark levels. The survey, carried…

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Are you drinking too much milk?

Apparently, you really shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. According to new research out of Sweden, drinking excess milk may shorten life span in women. The team, which operated out of…

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Friends with Benefits

Forget social media—you have billions of buddies already, and they’re helping to keep you healthy! BY Dr. Nigel Plummer, PhD and Medical Advisor to Genestra Brands In a world that…

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Natural, clinically-proven treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis

BY CORRINA MOSCA REVIEWED BY SUHANI SHAH, BASC, ND Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints. According to…

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Get your psoriasis in check with Vitamin D!

BY CAYLA RAMEY REVIEWED BY SUHANI SHAH, BASC, ND Psoriasis is defined by inflammation that results in red, scaly patches of skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, people at a…

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PMS tips for every age and stage

We often hear that women “suffer” from PMS, but we don’t think so. Also, PMS symptoms change throughout the years—just as our bodies do. It might not always be pleasant,…

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Is your diet affecting your migraines?

There are a number of triggers which can cause migraines—and did you know it could be your diet? A recent scholarly review found that caffeine can be a very prominent…

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DISCOVER THE POWER OF ADDING CURCUMIN TO YOUR HEALTH-CARE ROUTINE BY GLENDA BRITTON, RHN Curcumin is quite possibly the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing…

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