Get a perkier chest—no matter your age—with this simple workout

After a certain age, it is common for your breasts to look less perky than they did previously. Fear not! While breast sagging is a part of life, there are…

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Summertime sadness: the harsh reality of Seasonal Affective Disorder

While Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is often discussed during the winter months, this mental illness falls under the radar over the summer. However, many men and women are still affected…

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Trying to lose weight? Give vegetarianism a go

Eating your leafy greens—and consuming little to no animal products—may be better for weight loss than you’d think. According to a new study, dieters who go vegetarian lose weight more…

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Could alcohol consumption give you sarcopenia?

You may want to rethink that G&T—a new study suggests that alcohol consumption may lead to sarcopenia.   Characterized by loss of muscle mass and strength, sarcopenia may affect balance,…

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Rise and shine! Your morning workout has more benefits than one

Other than helping to keep your fitness goals on track, working out in the morning comes with a plethora of health benefits. Try an outdoor workout to jump start your…

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Should you consider tattoo removal?

Got embarrassing tattoos that seemed like a great idea at the time?   You’re not alone. According to a poll taken in 2011 by Harris Interactive, 1 in 8 American…

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Could vitamin D supplements boost your fertility?

So you’re trying to get pregnant—and you’re having difficulty. Could a vitamin D deficiency be to blame?   A new study out of the European Society of Endocrinology suggests that…

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Can you take the heat? Exercise safely this summer with these tips

While we’ve been waiting all year for the outdoor activities of summer, the heat can inevitably make exercise unbearable—and unsafe. Keep yourself comfortable—and protected—with these heat-beating tips:   Stay hydrated…

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Your morning brew is more important than you’d think

  That 6 AM cup of joe may be doing wonders for your health—a new study out of Rotterdam reveals that drinking coffee and herbal tea may protect against liver…

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Weed out health issues with these surprising supplements

Weeds are more than just an annoying part of your garden—they could also be a great add-on to your medicine cabinet. Weeds have powerful medicinal properties, making them perfect for…

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OMG! Could texting help you lose weight?

Better get fluent in emoji: a new study shows that texting your friends can help you—and them—to keep up with weight loss goals.   By roping your friends and family…

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Is late-night snacking dangerous to your health?

A few weeks ago, we covered how to beat late night snacking—and a new study reveals exactly why that’s an important goal to have. Findings show that compared to earlier…

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cervical cancer

4 things you NEED to know about cervical cancer

Last year, it was estimated that 1500 Canadian women would be diagnosed with cervical cancer. As such, it is imperative to listen to your cervix—and be on the lookout for…

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Low-stress lower ab exercises for a stronger core

If you’re looking to give your abs a killer, low-stress workout at home, you’ve come to the right place—these three exercises will have your abs burning, without a crazy amount…

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Burn fat with this extra-hot ingredient

Chili burns more than just your taste buds. According to a new study, dietary capsaicin (CAP) may help to address obesity by reducing endotoxemia, a major contributor to chronic, low-grade…

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Is your multivitamin doing enough?

We understand—getting your proper vitamins and minerals through diet can be tough. And while taking a multivitamin isn’t a cure-all for all of your issues, it can help to give…

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Is your favourite sweetener making you gain weight?

Put down the artificial sweeteners: a new study has identified erythritol, a sugar alcohol found in many low-calorie foods, as a biomarker for increasing fat mass.   Erythritol occurs naturally…

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Kick your late night snacking habit with these tips

Close that fridge door—your late night snacking habit could be causing you to gain weight.   Over the past decade, a variety of studies have shown that those who eat…

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Is yogurt key in avoiding osteoporosis?

While it is well-understood that dietary calcium is key in promoting bone health, a recent study shows that yogurt, specifically, may be a champion of bone strength.   A study…

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Got recurring UTIs? This could be the cause

If you have recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), a kind of vaginal bacteria may be at fault. These microbes, known as Gardnerella vaginalis, were the subject of a U Washington…

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Can breastfeeding prevent wheezing and asthma among infants?

According to research out of the University of Manitoba, breastfeeding could help to reduce wheezing and asthma in infants. Meghan Azad, co-author of the study, says she hopes this sort…

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Drink to your health! Wine may protect against neuronal death

Good news for wine lovers: a brand-new study shows that moderate wine intake can help to fight off neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline.   A group of scientists out of…

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Is fasting an effective dieting method for weight loss?

In today’s world of dieting, fasting has become one of the most talked-about and practiced methods for weight loss. However, just how harmful is this practice to your body? Moreover,…

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How much do you really know about fibre?

BY GLENDA BRITTON, RHN As a nutritionist, part of my job is to debunk the myths surrounding different foods and nutrients. Sometimes, this gets pretty complicated: nutrition is rarely a…

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Want to improve your relationship? Think about sex more!

While helping out around the house, listening to your partner, and being kind are all typical pieces of relationship advice, here’s one you may not have heard: let your mind…

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