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Friends with Benefits

Forget social media—you have billions of buddies already, and they’re helping to keep you healthy! BY DR. NIGEL PLUMMER In a world that revolves around texting, swiping, Tweeting, Instagramming and…

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The Joint Connection


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WHY PROBIOTICS ARE ESSENTIAL TO GLOBE TROTTERS BY CAYLA RAMEY We have all been warned about how easy it can be to contract various diseases when travelling abroad. Travelling overseas…

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Don’t Sugar-coat It

How to decrease sugar cravings By Dr. Rita Patel, ND   The holiday season brings good food, great company and memorable moments. While we look forward to the socializing, good…

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Crystal Clean from the Sea

A Great Source of Deliciousness with No Fishy Aftertaste! Crystal Clean from the Sea blends the freshest, highest quality omega-3 with absolutely delicious, natural, non-GMO flavours. It’s the omega-3 you…

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Go Nuts For Heart Health

Do something great for your heart and start getting your hands on more nuts throughout your day. This easy to travel with snack can support lower cholesterol. As always, moderation…

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Don’t Forget, Control Your High Cholesterol

High blood pressure is something you need to avoid, that goes without saying, but refreshing your memory on why you need to keep it under control is important. High blood…

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Don’t Let Your Cold Slow You Down, Use Webber Naturals Cold-A-Tak

Echinacea Cold-A-Tak Echinacea contains clinically studied ECHINILIN, a patented extract of Echinacea purpureafrom fresh organic echinacea. ECHINILIN is standardized so that every dose contains consistent levels of Echinacea purpurea’s three…

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Foods That Help You Get Better Sleep

Cherries: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and University of Rochester have figured out how cherry juice can be a powerful way to help you get to sleep. It was…

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Why Colouring Could Be Your New Way To Relax

You may have noticed the popular trend finding its way onto many peoples desks, or in their hand on the way work, it’s people keeping busy with colouring books. Book…

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Find Good Bacteria From Fermented Foods

For proper gut health, its important to maintain a balance of bad bacteria and good bacteria. One method to get good bacteria is through fermented foods, which are chock-full of…

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Grocery Basket – Shopping All Natural For Under $75

Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea This complex and flavourful tea is made from a unique aromatic spice blend meant to leave you feeling vibrant. Yogi uses whole herbs and spices…

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Purify your air the natural way

There’s a new way to purify the air in your home, and it steers clear of the alternative chemical based methods other air fresheners use on the market. With innovative…

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Cornwall Has Lower Electricity Bills, Why Don’t You?

Cornwall Ontario is the only city that has long-term electricity supply contract with hydro Quebec, and because of this their residents have the lowest residential electricity bill in Ontario. Ontario…

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Enhance Your Mood and Memory

Handling mood swings and can be a costly treatment, and not to mention memory loss can make the simplest tasks become difficult. Help keep your mental state at bay can…

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Best Herbs to Help With Insomnia

If you’re suffering from insomnia that means you’re being deprived of a healthy, restful sleep, but there are a number of different methods to combat the symptoms. A few simpler…

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Celebrate the Fall Season with The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection

Recipe(s) from The Perfect Diabetes Comfort Food Collection by Robyn Webb American Diabetes Association/October 2016 LEMON ASPARAGUS SOUP Serves: 12 | Serving size: 1 cup Prep time: 20 minutes |…

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What’s Up, Doc?: All Tied Up

Learn to unwind and de-stress with naturopathic treatments By Dr. Onkar Singh, ND We live in a day and age where life seems to be a rollercoaster. We often find…

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Change your lifestyle to prevent cancer, naturally Admittedly, cancer prevention is not as clear-cut as the prevention of other illnesses. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t help to reduce…

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migraine xray

Buyer’s Guide: Open Your Eyes To Stroke Awareness

By Paula Reid The public health concern of stroke awareness has grown to a serious level, the number of lives the cardiovascular disease is effecting continues to grow. Strokes can…

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brain health

Buyer’s Guide: Natural Brain Health

The brain is the centre of the nervous system, and is the most complex organ in the body. A human’s cerebral cortex is estimated to contain 15-33 billion neurons (Pelvig,…

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Pay Attention To Your Joint Health

Everyday the simple movements you make, you are constantly exercising many different bones and joints, so these parts of your body are important to keep in mind and keep in…

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The Mystical Dragon Fruit

It’s not a fairytale The dragon fruit gets its name from its spikey cactus-like outer layer, but unlike your typical medieval dragon, it has beautiful vibrant hues of pink and…

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Sitz Baths Do More Than Help You Relax

For centuries using Epsom salt baths to sooth the problems that can arise in the hip area and down below has been a great solution. The bath that provides a…

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Seabuckthorn Wellness Matcha

Seabuckthorn Wellness Matcha is proudly grown, harvested, processed, and packaged in Canada with leaves that are grown organically and picked in the height of nutritional potency. Matcha is a powerful…

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