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Are you having an emotional affair?

What you construe as harmless flirting could signal something deeper.   Despite conventional views of cheating as involving physical interaction, your close friendships could also be crossing the line. According…

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Do opposites really attract when it comes to relationships?

So you and your significant other are polar opposites—how do you make it work without causing major flare-ups?   The key to excelling in your relationship is to understanding and…

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Improve your relationship with these 3 simple actions

In many relationships, it’s not about the big gestures—it’s about the little day-to-day efforts you make to keep your partner happy. Looking to keep your relationship moving on successfully? Try…

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Could watching adult films strengthen your relationship?

Watching racy movies has always been a source of debate—especially when it comes to tackling its place in a loving relationship. However, science has recently shown that adult films could…

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Want to be better at your job? Have more sex!

Itching for a raise or promotion? Get between the sheets. According to a study out of Oregon State University (OSU), a happy sex life can put a real spring in…

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Amp up your sex drive with these libido-boosting foods

If you’re looking to set the mood with your partner, the best way to go may actually be through their gut. As it turns out, a variety of foods have…

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Rub each other the right way

Grab the massage oil and some candles—a new study reveals that giving your partner a massage can improve both your wellbeing and theirs.   Researchers out of Northumbria University found…

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How eco-friendly is your sex life?

Are you an eco-sexual? Here are 3 ways to make your sex life more environmentally conscious.   Change up your toys!   When it comes to using toys, eco-friendly options…

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Change your life—and reinvigorate your mind—through Pilates BY CARA HAZELTON Photography by Chris Griffiths Nearly 100 years ago, Joseph H. Pilates developed the Pilates method of body conditioning, which has…

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The Fifth Wall

COMPLETE YOUR DESIGN DREAMS—AND STAY ON-BUDGET—WITH THESE PRECISELY PICKED FLOORING OPTIONS. BY MELISSA DAVIS One of the single largest design elements and expenses in your home is the flooring. Because…

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All in Good Time

7 ways to determine if your love interest is worth your time By: Aviva Reimer Women want a man that is worth their time and effort. So, when a woman…

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Create Your Perfect Kitchen

Renovating your eating space? Here are some trendy ideas to spruce up your kitchen with style. BY MELISSA DAVIS As we saw all the 2016 trends roll out the past…

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Don’t Date on an Empty Stomach

You’ve heard the old adage that the real way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But did you know that the same might be scientifically true for women?…

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Is Financial Stress Killing your Workplace Productivity?

In times of economic downturn and financial stress, keeping your personal baggage from following you to the workplace is harder than you’d think. A 2014 study conducted by Manulife Financial…

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Happy Childhood Friendships are Key to Lifelong Health

You may need to thank your teenage best friend for more than you think—a new study published in Psychological Science has linked happy, high-quality adolescent friendships to a healthy adult…

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Are you a Nomophobe?

In today’s day and age, many of us rely on our phones as a source of constant entertainment, using them to habitually text, tweet and play Sudoku. However, for some…

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Don’t Make you iPhone your Best Friend

When you’re feeling low, don’t turn to your iPhone for comfort, says a new report out of Michigan State University (MSU). According to researchers, people who rely on their mobile…

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Are Men and Women’s Brains More Different Than We Thought?

Male and female brains operate differently. According to research published in The Journal of Neuroscience, there is a key molecular difference in the pathway of male and female brains –…

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